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About us

Web design & Advertising

Our agency was in Bologna (Italy) in 1999 as a web agency, at the beginning our core business was only website creation and their positioning. Our mission, when we started like today, is to stay up to date with all news of digital world to offer our customers the most technologically advanced solutions.


For us it's not only a job, it's first of all a passion, which has led us to experiment with new solutions and to create proprietary softwares for the remote management of websites, blogs, e-commerce and portals. Also in the open source field we always try to find best solutions to optimize them by improving their performance, usability and positioning.


Today we are no longer just a web design agency, we take care of all advertising and marketing of our customers. Over the years the team has expanded by consolidating a staff capable of responding to any need for companies and freelancers not only in Bologna, we have acquired customers throughout the country and outside Italy, this has allowed us to grow and gain experience in the most diverse fields .

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We have worked for a lot of activities, gaining experience in different sectors: SMEs, listed companies, freelancers (law firms, accountants, doctors, engineers, architects, etc.), commercial activities, real estate agencies, national and international online shop.

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Advertising Agency


Thanks to the wide range of services offered we can support the customer in every phase of his businiess, from the online presence with professional websites customized to the visibility in search engines, we can improve the presence on social networks with professional management, modernize the company image, study a marketing plan to increase the brand authority and increase sales.


We are always available to discuss your project and offer you a free personalized quote, click here for more information. 

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Why should I choose this web Design Agency?


Unfortunately it's not easy to decide which agency choose, we are in a very competitive sector with a lot of agencies that offer same services, our advice is always to look at the websites created to understand how they work, evaluate experience and range of clients they have served over the years.


You can visit our portfolio where you'll find a selection of web design work that will allow you to get an idea of our way of working, for more details on other services you can contact us by clicking here.